SIG and Frimesa launch combistyle carton packaging in Americas

2022-05-29 10:39:55 By : Mr. Macros Zhang

Frimesa’s entire range of regular and zero-lactose milks will be available in the combistyle packaging from next month.

Swiss aseptic packaging supplier SIG has partnered with Brazil-based meat and dairy supplier Frimesa to launch the Americas’ first combistyle carton packaging.

The packaging was introduced at the ongoing food and beverage trade fair, APAS Show 2022, in São Paulo.

SIG’s combistyle carton pack features a corner panel for on-shelf differentiation, consumer appeal and other functionalities.

The flexible packaging is designed to support the requirements for different product types and meet changing market demands.

The packaging can be filled using SIG’s CFA 812 filling machine, which Frimesa is currently using for SIG’s combiblocMidi 1,000ml carton packs.

SIG South America marketing head Renata Kasahara said: “Among combistyle’s differentials is a better pouring experience – the closure is centred, and the stylish and eye-catching corner panel provides on-shelf differentiation.

“The design is completely different from any other packaging on the market and features a convincing metallic effect, made possible by exclusive technology from SIG.”

Frimesa will use the combistyle format to relaunch its regular milk range, becoming the first company to do so.

The company will also use this format for its entire product line of regular milks, including whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed, as well as zero lactose.

These products will be available in the new packaging from next month.

Frimesa president Valter Vanzella said: “The versatility that SIG offers will enable Frimesa to have greater productivity and diversity in its production.

“The new packaging will bring flexibility of shapes and sizes to our product portfolio, expanding our operations and market possibilities”.

Last month, sustainable dairy product manufacturer Olympia Dairy selected SIG’s aseptic carton packs with SIGNATURE 100 packaging material for its products.

The SIGNATURE 100 material is made from up to 82% renewable paperboard certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and does not feature an aluminium layer.

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