Ultimate Paper Box uses the new Koenig & Bauer AllPro 110 folder gluer to increase binding capacity by 100%-WhatTheyThink

2021-12-08 06:49:34 By : Ms. Amy Wei

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Issuing company's press release

(From left to right) Jurgen Gruber, sales manager of Koenig & Bauer; Janak Patel, president of Ultimate Paper Box, are pleased with the great results and productivity of the new AllPro 110 folder-gluer at Ultimate's factory in the City of Industry, California.

Fully automatic display machine improves speed, productivity and efficiency

As a leading carton manufacturing company, Ultimate Paper Box prides itself on its commitment to quality by continuously reinvesting in the latest equipment to meet customer needs. Its industrial city factory and its 130 employees are realizing the most efficient, high-quality and environmentally friendly production. Equipped with a series of extraordinary sheetfed offset presses, including the stable and powerful large-format Koenig & Bauer Rapidas, Ultimate can continue to provide extraordinary output at a speed of 18,000 sph. In order to allow work to flow from the print shop to post-press and deliver to customers, the company, under the leadership of Janak Patel, enhanced its folding and gluing department with the new Koenig & Bauer AllPro 110 folder-gluer.

"We are looking for more automation, speed and quality control," Patel recalled. "I found that the AllPro 110 folder gluing machine has everything." Patel believes that the semi-automatic feeder and the E-pack automatic packaging machine provide amazing speed. He said that quality control is performed automatically through the machine's barcode reader and glue detection function.

"Since installation, we have seen great results," Patel said. "Our output has increased, especially because we have added several high-end cosmetics customers, as well as our current loyal customers in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, and electronics markets. It is necessary to invest in our binding factory to maintain our field Leading position. AllPro 110 has always been our answer. Thanks to its fully automated and fast typesetting preparation, it provides us with the production speed of the other two machines. It increases our productivity by 100% and reduces our preparation time And help us produce high-quality packaging with high efficiency."

Patel believes that this impressive machine demonstrates his unwavering commitment to providing customers with the highest degree of satisfaction. He said that the goal is to meet customer needs with a faster turnaround time.

"Because we encounter a variety of substrates in our customers' work, we need a folder gluer that can easily handle everything from cardboard to corrugated paper," Patel said. "Our AllPro folder gluer has proven that it can produce a variety of complex packaging at a maximum belt speed of 400 m/min. Its touch screen control panel is user-friendly for our operators."

"We have established a solid, long-term partnership with Koenig & Bauer," Patel said. "Since we installed the first printing press in 2008, they have provided us with the most amazing technology and the highest productivity. We are proud to be one of the printers of this AllPro machine. We believe that our record growth And the success is partly due to our Koenig & Bauer equipment.

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