Automatic Liquid Filling Machine for Gable Top Carton Equipment 3000boxes/Hour

HL-S30 Product Description1 Capacity                2500-3000 Boxes/Hour (1000ml, 500ml, 250ml)                                 (Capacity according to the viscosity of fi

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Automatic Liquid Filling Machine for Gable Top Carton Equipment 3000boxes/Hour

HL-S30 Product Description

1 Capacity                2500-3000 Boxes/Hour (1000ml, 500ml, 250ml)
                                 (Capacity according to the viscosity of filling material)
2 Carton Box             Standard gable top boxes (70mm*70mm), A type box
                                   Volume of box: 1000ml, 500ml, 250ml
   Available Filling Material  Milk, Yogurt, Lactic acid beverage, Butter; egg tart; coffee drinks, other liquid drinks.
   Cap                     Cap installing part can be customized by customer, and location is reserved on the machine.

3 Adjustment range of filling quantity       1000ml:920ml-1000ml,

4 Electricity Power           50Hz,23.9kW(3Φ×380V Voltage range±5%)
   Main Motor                   2.20  kW
   Sealed Heater             18.5kW
   Bottom Heater
                (11.00 kW×1)
   Top Heater                  (7.50 kW×1)

   Fan for Sealed Heater    (0.75kW×1)
   Fan for Bottom Heater     (0.75kW×1)
   Fan for Top Heater            (0.40kW×1)

   Blower for Air Cleaning Device     0.2kW
   Date Printing Heater                  0.50kW
   Control System (approximately)    1.55kW        
   Totally                                          24.1kW  

5 Compressed air consumption    VN=2200L/Min(0.7MPa(7kgf/cm2)) 
Connection caliber R3/4
                                   Maximum oil mist concentration  30mg/Nm3
Filtration grade                 0.30μm
Dew point                      -20ºC
Do not use compressed air containing organic solvents

6 Consumption of cooling water
Ice water 4.0L/min, 2ºC--5ºC, 0.25MPa (2.5kgf/cm2) , Connection caliber R1/2
Bottom Sealing Template, Top Sealing Jaw for Cooling
Tap water 3.5L/min, 8ºC--12ºC,0.4MPa(4kgf/cm2), Connection caliber R1/2
Cooling of mandrel and carton conveyor belt

7 Main dimensions
Shape size 1500W * 3100L * 2510H (width * length * height)

8 Weight        2600kg (approximately)

9 Accessory equipment  Cap supply reserved installation location (customer can choose cap device)

10 Working conditions  
(1) ISO Class8 (JIS B9920)
Please install it in the working conditions of grade 100000 (U.S. Fed. Std. 209E).
(2) The carton device and discharge part of filling machine should not be directly arranged at the tuyere of air-conditioning equipment.
(3) When the safety door is opened, please do not let the air outlet of air conditioning and other equipment blow into the filling machine. And, when the safety door is opened, the air blown out by the air conditioner and other equipment should not be inhaled in the filling machine.
(4) At the suction port of HEPA filter, do not let water vapor and dust enter. (Customer Matching)
(6) It is suggested that the filling machine should be installed in the working environment above 18 and below 25 and below 75% RH.
(7) The working environment will deteriorate under the condition of insufficient ventilation in filling room.

(8) After the end of production, please clean and sterilize the bed, safety cover and drainage pipe. Also, in order to prevent rust caused by dew, please keep the room dry.

11 Points for Attention of Electric Box
Due to the installation of precise electrical components in the electrical control box, the outlet of hot water or steam should be avoided in the vicinity of the electrical box.
And dew on the ceiling, cleaning liquid etc., please do not drop it on electrical appliances.

12 Issues after installation of filling machines

After the filling machine is installed, if your company needs to improve and repair the accessory equipment, the installation conditions of the filling machine will change due to the modification, please contact our company.

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine for Gable Top Carton Equipment 3000boxes/Hour

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine for Gable Top Carton Equipment 3000boxes/Hour

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