FlexoPrint gluing corrugated board cardboard forming machines

Flexo printing gluing corrugated carton box forming machinery4color printing slotting rotary die cutting machineI.Use and Features:This machine can complete the functions of feeding, printing, slotting, die cutting, counting and so on. It can save the operator and realize the automatic production. It is a high-speed, high effici

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Flexo printing gluing corrugated carton box forming machinery
Flexo Printing Gluing Corrugated Carton Box Forming Machinery
Flexo Printing Gluing Corrugated Carton Box Forming Machinery

Flexo Printing Gluing Corrugated Carton Box Forming Machinery

4color printing slotting rotary die cutting machine
I.Use and Features:
This machine can complete the functions of feeding, printing, slotting, die cutting, counting and so on. It can save the operator and realize the automatic production. It is a high-speed, high efficient and low consumption carton production equipment. The whole machine electrical appliance and computer software are internationally famous brands, the quality is stable and reliable. Using man-machine interface, computer order management, easy operation, quick change orders.
All the printing machines electrical appliance adopt German SIEMENS brand. The transmission gears are all made of 40Cr and processed by grinding. The connection part of the transmission part adopts keyless connection (expansion sleeve), eliminates the connection gap, and is suitable for the long term and high speed operation of the large torque. The whole machine transmission bearing, the important transmission parts all adopt the Japanese NSK brand.

II.Paper Feeding Unit
  1. Lead edge feeding system.

(1)Lead edge feeding system, increase the flow of fans, to maintain high speed, low speed paper feeding accuracy, the smallest paper width 350mm.
(2)Sectional adjustment of airflow and pressure, matched with cardboard size.
(3)Positioning by the front baffle to reduce feed errors, improve paper feeding, printing and die-cutting precision.
(4)Left and right side baffle controlled by electric, equipped with cardboard pat function.
(5)Rear cardboad frame electric control front and back movement.
(6)Front paper baffle clearance manual adjustment.
(7)With continuous and intermittent paper feeding function. (optional or continuous feed) as required.
2. Upper and lower paper feeding roll
(1)Upper roller:The outer diameter of the 155mm steel pipe surface coated with wear-resistant NBR (nitrile-butadiene rubber ), balance correction.
(2)Lower roller: the outer diameter of the 155mm paper feeding roller surface embossed plated hard.
(3)Paper feeding pressure roller adjustment gap using self-locking structure, adjustment range 0-12mm.
(4)The power transmission of the pressure roller is driven by the rolling cross coupling, which reduces the abrasion and makes the transmission more balanced.
3. Machine separate and together all equipped with alarm, continue to ring the alarm when traveling, to ensure the safety of operators.
1.The driving shaft is provided with a friction type clutch to avoid the misoperation and damage to the machine.
2.The main motor is equipped with protection device (not start machine locking when the host is unable to turn the shipment).
3.Paper feeding unit electric automatic zeroing.
4.The general carton use automatic zeroing device, try printing 1 to 2 pieces of cardboard can be adjusted to the correct position, reduce cardboard waste.

III. Printing Unit

1.Printing roller
(1)The outer diameter is 395.6mm (with diameter of 410mm).
(2)high quality steel, surface grinding, hard chromium plating.
(3)Balance correction,smoothly operation.
(4)Scroll hanging plate, using the right and left sides of the locking device, so that the more accurate version of the hanging.
(5)Full version of the version of the trench, the application of the 9mm hanging stick.
(6)Loading and unloading printing board, foot switch electric control forward and reverse.
2. Printing press roller
(1)Outside diameter is 155mm.
(2)Steel pipe surface grinding, hard chromium plating.
(3) Balance correction,smoothly operation.
(4)Self locking structure of pressure roller gap adjustment, adjusting range 0-12mm.
3.The metal anilox roller (customized according to customer demand for the mesh) (higher than 250 mesh matching ceramic roller)
(1) Outside diameter is215mm.
(2)The surface of the steel pipe is made of advanced chromium plating process,hard, smooth wear.
(3)Dot consistent, ink uniform.
(4)Prolong the service life of printing plate and rubber roller.
(5)The anilox roller gap adjustment adopts self-locking structure, adjusting range 0-12mm.

4.Rubber roller:
(1) Outside diameter is205mm.
(2)Uniform ink roller, coated with wear-resistant rubber, rubber roller high parabolic type, to compensate for the force deformation, improve the effect of inking. Rubber for the butyl rubber, shore hardness of 60 degrees or more, through the special effect of good polish ink. The rubber roller is driven by the motor when the machine is stopped. When machine stopped, the ink won't stop, ink uniform.
(3) Self locking structure of rubber roller gap adjustment, adjusting range 0-12mm.
5. Phase adjusting mechanism
(1)Planetary gear structure.
(2)The printing phase is controlled by computer and electric digital control 360 degrees(running and stopping both can adjust)
(3)The transverse phase of the printing roller adopts electric adjustment, the adjustment range is ±5mm.
(4)The printing plate roller uses the electric adjustment phase, to return to zero and the edition speed is quick, adjusts the edition precision to be high.
6. Feeding roll
(1) Paper feeding upper roller, outer diameter of 86mm, high quality steel plated hard chromium with 4 guide wheels, diameter of 125mm.
(2)Paper feeding lower roller, outer diameter is 155mm, guide paper roll plating hard chromium.
(3)Self locking structure to adjust the clearance of the guide roller, and the adjusting range is 0-12mm.
7.water Ink circulation structure
(1) Pneumatic diaphragm pump for ink stability, simple operation and maintenance.
(2) Ink filter,Filter impurities
(3)Equipped with ink monitoring system, no ink alarm.

8. Printing phase fixing device
(1) Adopt pneumatic brake mechanism. When the unit is used for separating and adjusting the phase or cleaning, the brake mechanism limits the gear to rotate, and the fixed position of the original gear position is maintained.
IV. Slotting Unit
  1. Equipped with pre press wheel, the paperboard after pre pressing line is not easy to break.
  2. Single shaft double knife slotting, height adjustment adopts PLC and digital electric adjustment, touch screen control.
  3. slotted phase using PLC and digital input 360 degrees adjustment, stop and operation both can be adjusted.
  4. slotting knife seat and press line wheel horizontal movement, adopt synchronous electric adjustment. PLC touch screen adjustment, direct input carton size, automatic adjustment.
  5. Press-line gap adjustment adopts self lock structure, adjusting range 0-12mm.
  6. Slotting tool box, high adjustment, traverse adjustment are equipped with anti-collision protection device.
  7. slotting knife width 7mm, alloy material, after heat treatment, grinding, tooth shaped slotting knife, double blade trimming knife, knife edge is sharp.

V. Die cutting Unit

1.Rubber pad roller
(1)Adopts 1:900 crankshaft rotation reversing 30mm swimming transverse structure.
(2)The outer diameter of the rubber pad roller isφ388.9mm.
(3)Rubber pad roller for high quality steel, surface grinding, hard chromium plating.
(4)Balance correction, increased operating stability
(5)Rubber pad thickness 8mm, width 250mm.
(6)The self locking structure is adopted to adjust the gap between the pad roller and the cutter roller, and the adjusting range is 0-16mm.
(7)Automatic compensation structure of rubber pad roller, automatic control of pad roll speed.
(8)rubber pad roller trimming structure, timely repair rubber pad surface, keep the rubber pad roll flat.
2.Die roll φ360mm.
(1)The die roller is of high quality steel, the surface is grinded, hard chromium plating.
(2)Dynamic balance correction, increased operating stability.
(3)Die fixed screw hole spacing, horizontal 100mm, radial 18, screw hole M10.
(4)Application of line height 22.60mm
(5)Wood template thickness 13mm, blade height 25.4mm.
3.Die cutting phase adjusting mechanism.
(1)planetary gear type structure.
(2)Die cutting phase using the computer and electric digital control 360 degree adjustment (run, stop can be adjusted).
(3)The cutter roller transverse adopts electric adjustment, the adjustment range is ±5mm.
4.guide roller
(1)Adopts the self - locking structure to adjust the clearance of the guide roller, the adjustment range is 0 - 12mm.
(2)The power transmission of the paper guide roller is driven by the rolling cross coupling, which reduces the abrasion and makes the transmission more stable.

VII.Technical parameter
2Max  speedPcs/min180
3Max paper feeding sizeMM1200mm×2400mm
4Min paper sizeMM400mm×600mm
5Separate feeding sizeMM1600mm×2400mm
6Max printing areaMM1200mm×2200mm
7Wall plate thicknessHT20050mm
8Feeding  precisionMM±1mm
9overprint accuracy(2/3/4color)MM±0.5mm/±0.75mm/±1mm
10Slotting precisionmm±1mm
11Die cutting precisionmm±1mm
12Total power(2/3/4color) 32KW/36KW/40KW

VIII.Main parts original place
NameBrand& Original
bearingsNSK, universal
Electric applianceSimens
Pneumatic diaphragm pumpChangjiang
Keyless connection ringChaoyang
electromagnetic valveAirTAC
CylinderTian ao
anilox rollDalian Junfeng
Rubber rollerHebei Xintai
Youli rubberChaonai, Ledika

.CZXY-2400 High speed folding gluing strapping linkage line

The SYFC-2400 carton automatic folding gluing machine is designed and manufactured in accordance with printing, slotting, folding, gluing, and stacking. It has the functions of feeding, gluing, folding and forming several layers automatically. Use PLC control, easy for touch screen operation and pre-store and manage orders. Its high-speed production capacity, rapidly changing orders and good stability can meet the shorter delivery cycle requirements of our carton customers.
I.Machine features:
  1. Thickness of 40cm outside wall plate thicken, folding part wall arm thickness 25cm.
  2. This machine adopts the design concept of South Korea's Qinglong Company. It is the only company in Northern city that uses three sets of wall plates to fix the folding arm, and achieves stable folding arm without vibration.
  3. The folding belt adopts separate power. Each group of belts is driven by a separate motor, which can prolong the service life of the belt and reduce the tension of the belt.
  4. The machine adopts vacuum adsorption to transport cardboard, to ensure the stability and correction function of the cardboard during the operation.
  5. The folding section is equipped with three pressure line devices to compensate for the drawbacks of the press line misfiring, and to solve the scissors gap of the paste box.
6.The paste head adopts Japan Iwata glue spraying equipment, which avoid the problem of stop glue or inaccurate spray.
7.Automatic computer change orders, automatic storage of orders and other functions.
8.The counting and output unit adopts a dropping type paper feeding method and double snap function, thereby solving the problem of large scissors error.
9.The output part adopts a straight push type, which solves the problem of the traditional hook lifting and the collapse of small cardboard.
10.The printing department and the folding gluing department can realize differential linkage. Input the total width of the paperboard , and the gluing box belt can be automatically tracked to achieve a minimum distance of 5-10cm between the paperboard and the paperboard to reduce the speed of the belt and increase the speed of the paste box. Reduce unnecessary belt wear.
II.The main models and specifications:
Machine speed: 180pcs/min
Max.cardboard size: 2600x 1200mm
Min.cardboard size: 600x 400mm
Applicable paper: 3ply and 5ply cardboard below 9mm.
Link: Polyvinyl acetate emulsion PVA
The accuracy of the counter is 100% error-free.
work flow chart:

III.Folding gluing machine function introduction
1.Glue part: The gluing part adopts non-stop method or glue system to avoid glue solidify, glue wheel gap easy adjustment. The dial is suitable for cardboard with a thickness of between 1 and 12 mm. The amount of glue filling is easy to adjust.
2.The folding gluing part speed can be adjusted synchronously with the flexo printing slotting production speed. At the same time, folding belts and conveyor belts speed nearly same as flexo printing slotting speed, avoiding that the folding part and the printing slotting part are not synchronized, which may lead to cardboard jamming and inaccurate delivery.
3.The speed of the upper and lower belts can be adjusted separately, if their speeds are different and it can be adjusted to the same speed.
4.Folding cardboard adopt rubber roller way, easy to adjust the folding angle.
5.The pre-press section uses upper and lower rollers to adjust the gap to increase the thickness of the cardboard between 1 and 12 mm. The dial is easy to adjust.
6.Cardboard stacking adopts mechanical means and sensors to achieve full automation.
7.The counter (sensor) counts the number of cartons for easy setup and reliability.
 8.Cardboard stacking use computer counting and precision pushing out.

IV.Technical parameter:
Max.stacking height(mm)350
Min.stacking height(mm)80
Max.quantity of one pile (piece)30
Min.quantity of one pile (piece)10
Max.cardboard feeding (mm)1200x2600
Min.cardboard feeding (mm)400x600
The maximum size of glue side(mm)900
The maximum size of opposite of glue side(mm)800
Total length(m)25
Flute typeA,B,C,E,A+B,B+C,B+E

.Automatic strapping machine

1,Functions and feature
DBJ1200A model automatic strapping machine is mainly used in automatic strap after automatic stitching or automatic gluing, the machine includes turning, pat in order, pressurized strapping. Adopt PP strapping tape, firm, no rebound, less damage in paper edge. The whole process automatically finish, without human intervention, can save a lot of artificial cost. It's first choice of packaging companies to reduce consumption and increase profit, such as printing plant, paper products factory.
  1. Main structure
The machine is mainly composed of 4 units: receiving sheet turning unit, pat in order unit, conveying unit, and pressurized strapping unit.

3,Each unit main feature:
(1)receiving sheet turning unit
1.Smoothly receive former process cardboard conveying
2. Two-stage touch type turning, turn cardboard 90°corner.
(2)Pat in order unit
1.Can adjust according to different specifications carton size.
2,Four directions automatically pat in order and positioning, and then convey.
3,Pat can effectively remove the scissors.
(3)conveying unit
Convey carton smoothly after tidying, improve work efficiency
(4)pressurized strapping unit
1,Pneumatic pressure to compact several cardboard.
2,PP tape automatic strapping, strap firm or elastic adjustable, paper edge damage is light.
3,Automatically adapt to the cardboard size
4,Photoelectric detection strapping position
5,Strapping 1 ~ 2 way, uses the knob switch.
6,Automatically convey after strapping.
(5) Working process
Receive sheet turning--→pat in order--→convey--→ pressurized strap--→finish conveying

4,Technical parameters
1, Equipment name: automatic strapping machine
2, Model:1200
3, Main technical parameter:
Max sheet size:1200×1200
Min sheet size:300×400
Working speed:10pkg/min, 2strap/pkg
Machine dimension: 5800(L)×2300(W)×1800MM(H)
Three phase four phase system distribution (three-phase 380V+ zero
Total power:2.2kw
Machine net weight:2.1T

  1.  Main feature:
    A, Adapt to automatic strapping after automatic stitching.
    B, Reduce rely on manpower, replace workers.
    C, Work is compact, no need human intervention.
    D,Carton boxes after strapping are mouth tight and solid, no rebound, less sticky box edge breakage, etc
    E,Less workers, higher speed, 2 ~ 4workers less than ordinary strapping machine, 10 to 20 workers less than manual strapping.
    F,Suitable for exported packaging, environmental packaging, such as drinks box, beer case, instant noodles box, ceramic tile box, these high class packaging carton boxes.
5,Main purchased components origin
A,Electric components
Name                 Brand
Inverter         Schneider
Cont ctor           Schneider
PLC                 Siemens/Panasonic
photoelectric switch     Omron/B+F
Motor              Taibang/Wanxin
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Flexo Printing Gluing Corrugated Carton Box Forming Machinery

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Flexo Printing Gluing Corrugated Carton Box Forming Machinery

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Flexo Printing Gluing Corrugated Carton Box Forming Machinery

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