Concord of Vadodara introduced Bobst Expertfold in its new factory in Halol

2021-12-08 06:47:17 By : Ms. Fannie Fang

The new 125,000-square-foot factory is in the first phase of construction and will increase Concord's production capacity by more than 50%, reaching more than 300 tons of paper and cardboard conversion per month. "Now we are partially operating the Halol plant, where we have the infrastructure for lamination and conversion," said Arshad Memon, director of Concord, the younger of the two Memon brothers. Kayyum is the older brother. At the beginning of 2020, Concord invested in a series of corrugating machines, including a Wenhong 1050 SF automatic die-cutting and hot stamping machine and an LC-740 automatic corner cutting machine. About 15% of Concord's business is commercial printing, and the rest is packaging, of which 50% are single-sided cartons and 35% are corrugated packaging. In July 2021, the company added a new Bobst Expertfold 110 A2 and corrugated paper kit and installed it in the new factory, thereby boosting its carton business.

The company has installed BOBST Visionfold 110 in 2015 and BOBST Novacut 106 in the city's factory in 2017. According to Memon, the company already owns a Bobst Visionfold, which allows Concord to meet the growing demand for packaging, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries that began shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic. "Our packaging output has increased by 40%, which means that we are doing 40% more work than usual," he said.

"We already have a Visionfold 110 folder-gluer with four-corner and hexagonal attachments, which is very useful for us. It allows us to deal with new requirements quickly and easily," Memon added. However, Memon gave three key reasons for investing in the new Bobst Expertfold. "Whenever we find that there is a bottleneck in the process, we think it is the right time to add a new kit. That is, we do increase the existing time on the existing machine, but if the bottleneck persists and is about 35 % To 40%, then choosing additional machines is a good decision. This is what we did."

The second reason is the confidence in the Bobst brand. "We are not satisfied with other brands, especially when buying key equipment such as folder-gluers, so we prefer Bobst. In other words, we are happy to buy Wenhong machines from Chinese brands because we know they are the most popular in corrugated applications. One of the good machines," Memon said. The third is timing-the worst time is the best time to invest in equipment. "People are afraid of the future and therefore afraid of investment, which means that equipment can be delivered quickly.

In addition, we believe that when the worst period has passed, the demand for products will double, and we need to prepare for the surge. ”Concord Printing Press was established in 1968 as a second-generation printing company, formerly known as Pravin Printing Press and Concord Enterprise. In addition to the conversion machine, Concord is also equipped with three printing presses-RMGT six-color plus UV coater, Heidelberg SM 74 Four-color presses and Roland 200 monochrome presses. The Kodak Trendsetter Q800 platesetter can print 160-200 Sonora plates per day.

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