Waste Recycling Fluting Corrugated Medium Carton Manufacturing Production Line Cardboard Making Machine Kraft Paper Mill Price

Which machine do you need?----Click the machine model you want and get more information. Or you can send inquiry directly! Machine typeCylinder mould machine and fourdrinier machineJumbo roll width (mm)1092 /1575 /1880 /2100 /2400/ 2640/ 2800 /3200 /3600 /4200 /4800Minimum capacity (t/d)4.50 /6.00 /7.00/ 7.80/ 9.00/ 9.88/ 1

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Which machine do you need?
----Click the machine model you want and get more information. Or you can send inquiry directly!

Machine type
Cylinder mould machine and fourdrinier machine
Jumbo roll width (mm)
1092 /1575 /1880 /2100 /2400/ 2640/ 2800 /3200 /3600 /4200 /4800
Minimum capacity (t/d)
4.50 /6.00 /7.00/ 7.80/ 9.00/ 9.88/ 10.48 /11.90/ 13.47 /18.79 /21.00
Maximum capacity (t/d)
Paper grammage (gsm)
Raw material 
Recycled paper, old carton box, virgin pulp, wood, rice straw, wheat straw, sugarcane bagasse etc.
Finished product
 Kraft paper, corrugated paper, fluting paper

Waste Recycling Fluting Corrugated Medium Carton Manufacturing Production Line Cardboard Making Machine Kraft Paper Mill Price

kraft paper / fluting paper / corrugated medium paper / duplex cardboard paper making mcahine production line 
Why Choose Guangmao?
----Because we are trustworthy! Founded in 1982, Guangmao Machinery specializes in pulp making machine, paper making machine and paper processing machine manufacturing. We supply full set of pulp and paper production line for models of 787mm, 1092mm, 1575mm, 1760mm,1800mm,2100mm,2640mm,3200mm,4400mm,5200mm.
Brief introduction of kraft paper making machinery:
I. what do you need to prepare?
- of course raw material. The raw material for producing kraft paper and corrugated paper includes waste recycling paper, old carton box, virgin pulp, wood, straw, sugarcane bagasse, reed, cotton stalk etc.
2. what does pulp making line do?
- paper pulp making production line can change the raw material to paper pulp with specific characteristics, like mechanical strength and physical properties, so that the pulp can meet the needs of paper machine production, the paper web is well formed, and the uniformity and strength of the paper sheet are improved. (There is a saying in the papermaking industry: three-point papermaking with seven-point pulping. It can be seen that the importance of the quality of the pulp, the pulping process is also a key quality control point of the paper, the quality of the pulp determines the quality of the paper.)
3. How does GM2400mm Kraft Corrugated Paper Making Machine work?
- GM2400mm Kraft Corrugated Paper Making Machine includes cylinder mould section, press section, dryer cylinder section and winding section.
(1)The main task of the network department is to keep the paper pulp as much as possible on the net, and remove a lot of water to form a uniform wet web. It is required that the paper stock should be evenly dispersed on the Internet, so that the quantitative, thickness, evenness, etc. of the full-size paper sheet should be uniform, and a good foundation should be laid for the formation of a good quality wet paper web.
(2) press section is used to Remove as much moisture from wet webs as possible with mechanical pressure
(3) Paper dryer cylinders are the most commonly used equipment to evaporate water from paper.
(4) The reeler is the first complete machine behind the paper machine. Relying on the own weight of the roll paper roller and the frictional force of the cold cylinder rotation, the paper from the reeling machine is driven to evenly wind the paper, so the paper reel makes the paper more uniform.
4. The further processing machinery you may want:
Rewinding machine is a special equipment for papermaking. The purpose of the rewinding machine is to rewind the original paper roll produced by the paper machine and rewind the paper to make the finished paper leave the factory.The paper roll wound by the winding machine is relatively soft, and the inside may be damaged or broken. The edges on both sides are not neat, and the width of the paper web or the like cannot be directly used in paper processing or printing machines. Most paper types must go through the rewinder trimming, slitting, joints, rewind on the core of the paper roll to form a certain size, a certain degree of tightness requirements of the finished paper roll to the factory. The rewinding process mainly completes three tasks: first, trimming raw paper raw edges; secondly, cutting the entire raw paper into a number of widths that meet user specifications; and third, controlling the rolled diameter of the finished paper roll to meet the factory specifications.
What we can do for you?
1. sales experts assist you 24/7 .
2. experienced engineer give you turn-key project solution. (design factory and paper productio line, inform you the land area, consumption of chemical material, water and power etc.)
3. professional workers manufacture machinery according to your order. (welcome to visit our factory)
4. the intactness of your machinery will be ensured with standard package. The shipment and custom clearance will be done according to our agreed date.
5. installation team help you building factory, assemble machinery and train your workers.
6. your machinery has three years warrenty and you can get the wearable parts at factory price.
7. the overhaul of your machinery will be done every year.
8. you will get lifelong technical service.
9. we will improve our service according to your feedbacks. (contact us and leave your feedbacks)

General view of kraft paper / corrugated medium paper / fluting paper making machine production line: fourdrinier wire / cylinder mould section + press section + dryer cylinder section + winding section.
Successful case:
Installation of customers' paper plant:
Raw material for making kraft paper / fluting paper: waste paper, virgin pulp, wood, cotton stalk, sugarcane bagasse, hemp, wheat straw, old carton box, reed, rice straw.
Finished paper product: jumbo roll kraft paper, white / brown top liner paper, corrugated medium paper, fluting paper, duplex cardboard paper.
Guangmao Machinery factory and warehouse:
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Packing & Delivery


Standard Export Packing.

1. fixed all the movable parts with plastic films.
2. polystyrene foam plate wrapped around.
3. wrapped with tighted plastic films several circles.
4. fixed machine on the fumigated plywood pallet with iron wire.
5. wrapped with wooden board around and nailed on.



30-45 days after confirming order,detail delivery date should be decided according to production season and order quantity.

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